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Rosa Parks

Listen to this interesting report about Rosa Parks and how a little woman started a movement by simply not moving at all.

The Eagle has landed

Steve Jobs Dead!

Steve Jobs is dead, many people are standing outside his house crying. Listen to our reporter telling you all about it.

The reporter has visited a very nice private school and met a talented young man who has started his own software business. His name is Bill and he says that business is not going as well as it should because people are not taking him seriously because of his young age. Listen and hear more about it!

A plane with players from Manchester United has crashed and our reporter is at the airport sending live. Listen to an interview with the ambulance staff busy with saving lives.

London Riots

A live report from the mayhem from the streets of London during the riots. Our reporter is sending live from Tottenham where the riots started.

Another member of the Kennedy family is tragically killed in a plane crash, moments before boarding the airplane he gives his last interview to our reporter who gives us an account of what actually happened.

Can people just disappear into thin air? Well, this woman did. Listen to the interesting story about the female aviator Amelia Earhart.

World Cup Finals 1966

It's 1966 and Wembley stadium is boiling with excitement. England and West Germany are in the finals. Listen to the thrilling final through the eyes of a really enthusiastic reporter trying to be heard above the noise of 93 000 fotball fans.

A Swedish reporter is aboard the plane Enola Gay as it steers towards Hiroshima the 6th of August 1945. Listen to a report from the sky.

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